Baby-led Weaning: Vor- und Nachteile

Baby-led weaning: pros and cons

...To try Baby Led Weaning, your baby must be able to grab whole pieces of food and bring them to their mouth. Babies usually develop this ability around six months of age.

First, you need to sit your baby upright in front of the table, either on your lap or in a high chair. Make sure he is sitting still and can move his hands and arms freely.

You can start by offering your baby soft sticks and bits instead of feeding them. Try offering him things like...

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Windeln mit einer Geschichte

Diapers with a story

... Every decision you make determines what your future will be like. So does the future of your children. On average, each child wears more than 5,400 nappies, nearly 5 a day, before potty training. One child using disposable diapers creates 50 pounds of waste per month. Thankfully, more and more parents are opting for washable nappies, and so our impact is growing - or rather, shrinking! ..

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