Toilet Training Pants


Your child is almost potty trained, but accidents still happen regularly? Potty training is fun with colorfully printed HappyBear training pants. Who wants to pee in a pair of nice sweatpants?

The training pants look like pants, but have absorbent padding that catches pee. When children pee in their sports shorts, they soon feel the uncomfortable wetness. This will increase awareness so your child can use the potty faster. An additional bamboo insert can be used at any time for additional absorption.

Thanks to the stretchy fabric, your child can wear the training pants from the age of 2 to about 4 years!

  • Accelerated the toilet training
  • Stretchy fabric for one perfect fit
  • Waterproof, breathable outer layer - prevents leakage
  • Soft cotton inner layer with two-layer microfiber core
  • Ideal to catch small accidents