Washable Nursing Pads


  • Highly absorbent and compact nursing pads (10 cm diameter)
  • With closable washing net and bag
  • Comfortable bamboo fabric inner layer

Are you looking for absorbent, soft and comfortable nursing pads? HappyBear's washable nursing pads have a super soft bamboo fabric on the inside so they don't rub against your sensitive nipples.

Thanks to the practical size, you can wear the nursing pads unobtrusively under your bra. They are large enough to absorb adequately. How to avoid stains on clothes.

Happybear's washable nursing pads are available in a set of ten, together with a practical, closable washing net and a bag.

Instructions for use:

  1. Make sure your nipple is dry before applying a clean compress. If your nipples are irritated, first apply a nipple cream.
  1. Place the nursing compress in the cup of your bra. Make sure the compress is placed snugly between your breast and your bra, centered on your nipple if possible. Similar to many disposable nursing pads, washable nursing pads do not have an adhesive strip.
  1. Reusable nursing pads are usually thicker than disposable nursing pads. You can therefore be more conspicuous if you wear thin clothing. If necessary, you can wear a padded bra.
  1. Change the nursing pads when they feel wet and place them in the wash bag provided. Do not leave wet nursing pads in a sealed bag for too long.

* Wash the washable nursing pads before use to remove all loose fibers. The more often you wash the nursing pads, the better they absorb.